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Xbox One Review

The Xbox one console provides many innovations that will stand the test of time. The gaming console, sold at a cheap price, will satisfy the curiosity of many gamers. The gaming system represents the upgrades that the Xbox 360 badly needed. The new system has been designed to be dependent on a high speed internet connection. This is one of the main functionality that has caused a stir amongst gamers. There are many more features which we will discuss.

New Features, New Design

The design of the Xbox one console is very simple and straight forward. It is basically a black rectangular box with diagonal slotted vents. Unlike the Xbox 360, this console will not stand vertical. The front of the console only features a power button and a loading tray. The back of the system comprises of eight connections. It has a HDMI input and output, digital sound out, gigabit Ethernet and three USB 3.0 ports. The console also consists of an internal 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless 802.11n radio.

The added features of the Xbox one make it more than just an aggressive gaming console. The Xbox can now play Blu-ray movies. The HDMI input port enables the device to double as a digital cable box or any other system that has a HDMI output. This functionality helps to integrate the home entertainment system into one unit.


The Kinect will now be shipped as a peripheral device of the gaming console. It is a high definition 1080P camera that supports voice activated commands. The Kinect can be used to control your home entertainment system without much effort. It can be used as an input for six players simultaneously. The Kinect will be able to differentiate between players based on the shape of their head, body frame and the size of their fingers. It can also detect muscle strain and a person’s heart rate. This is ideal for those interested in fitness and workout games.

The controller of the Xbox one gaming console looks slightly different than that of the Xbox 360. The internal changes to the controller are profound. There are now four vibrating pads within the input device. This enables the controller to provide various feedback to the gamer. It can simulate the sensation of a firearm or footsteps.

Games that are bought for Xbox one has to be registered online. Therefore, there are no possibilities of second hand games within the arena. Microsoft has become strict on digital rights management. Most of the games that will debut with the console will have a 1080P resolution at 60 frames per minute. Characters will look realistic and have smooth human-like movements.

The Xbox one is in a position to win the gaming console war against the PS4 based solely on price. Even though it is more expensive than the PS4, it does ship with the Kinect. The only factor that takes away from the Xbox one is the mandatory internet connection that is required to play games.

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