What is Leap Motion Computer

What is Leap Motion?

Leap Motion is an Apple product that enables you to virtually interact with your computer. It is an innovation that is poised to replace your mouse as an input device. It is very similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. Leap Motion can detect input from your ten fingers and is able to sense the full motion of both hands. There are many applications designed to unlock the full potential of Leap Motion. This device will alter the perception of how we interact with technology.

The Leap Motion hardware consists of the actual device and two USB cables. The device has a single USB 3.0 port. It is a rectangular box with well-rounded aluminum edges. There is a black plastic window on top and a rubber platform on the bottom. The device is half the size of an iPhone.

Setting Up

Setting up the Leap Motion is easy. The device includes the necessary software and directions that are needed to activate the product. After installing additional software, there is a demo and tutorial about using the device. The setup process does give the impression that you are about to embark on a futuristic experience. The software interacts with the user by calibrating and learning their hand gestures. It is an enlightening visual experience to see your hand gestures on your TV screen while setting up the device. A wire frame simulation of the persons hand is shown in order for the user to understand exactly how their hand motion is interpreted.

Placement of the device does affect its sensitivity and functionality. It advised to have the sensor within a foot of your hands. This may translate to limited space for hand signals. Staying close to the gesture area translates to precise hand signals. Expanding the gesture area offers a wider range of hand gesture but at the expense of precision.

After setting up the device, using it gives even more pleasure. There is a learning curve that is required to appreciate the clinical precision and sensitivity of the sensors. The Leap Motion functions best with custom designed applications. These applications can be downloaded from the Leap Motion’s application console, Airspace. This is similar Mac’s Launchpad. The device is shipped with several applications by default. Google Earth is one of the more popular applications that ships with the product. Each application enables you to further calibrate your hand input signal for a more intimate feel.

Available Apps

Some of the applications in the Airspace store are interactive games which makes the product even more interesting. Cut The Rope and Drop chord are two interactive games that are popular on Leap Motion. Interactive 3D educational apps can also be found in the store. Experimenting with numerous applications shows the product has the ability to learn new hand gestures at the will of the user. The Leap motion feels like a product that is on the verge of ushering a new phase of technology. It is a great product for those who are interested in being the first to encounter innovative technology.

Where can I get one?

For more information check out Leapmotion.com or head over to amazon and pick yours up today!

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