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Western Digital My Passport Review

My passport and I go way back. Since the beginning of my freelance design days, she has been there by my side, carrying all the weight of my design business with room to spare. She is nice and compact, fits everywhere and is willing to go anywhere. I really never realized how much I love my WD My Passport until I started researching and writing this article.

About the Western Digital My Passport

The hard drive uses an ultra fast usb 3.0 cable that is capable of transferring up to 5 Gigabytes per second. This definitely comes in handy for transferring those massive videos and hours of music. One of my favorite features of this portable hard drive is the ability for it to automatically stop spinning the discs inside if you drop the drive. This prevents scratching the drive on impact helping you protect your data and your wallet.

Offering high capacity in a compact drive, My Passport is the ideal companion for anyone with lots of videos, photos, music, and files that they want to help protect and take on the road.
– Western Digital

They are also bus powered so you only need the little cable that comes with it and nothing more, which is perfect for traveling. There are also automatic back up features that keep your computer files in sync with your My Passport, protecting your data, and yourself from headaches. You can also take protection of your data a step further by password protecting your hard drive, a feature that comes built in.


Price: $80 – $130
Size: 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 2TB
Dimensions: 3.24″ x 4.37″ x 0.60″
Operating System: NTFS for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Package Contents: USB 3.0 cable, Quick Start Guide
Transfer Rate: 5 Gbps

If you are on the go a lot like myself, I’d recommend picking up a case for your portable drive.

So Whats wrong with it?

As far as cons go, I have had only one problem with this drive. Every so often the drive will produce a little beeping noise and freeze up for a second. I found that giving it a good little shake stops the drive and gets the wheels a turning again.


All in all I consider this portable external hard drive to be a great investment based on the length of time I’ve had it and the lack of issues I have encountered with this piece of technology. I hope you enjoyed my Western Digital My Passport review. Do you have a portable external hard drive or experience with My Passport? Let me know what you think about them in the comments below! Stay geeky my friends!

Final Thoughts

Portability 100%
Reliability 85%
Storage 100%
Speed 90%
Price 75%
Final Thoughts

While it's not the cheapest portable hard drive on the market, it is by far one of the most reliable and my personal favorite. I have had few issues and in the two years that I have had my WD My Passport I have had no complaints and recommended them to friends, family and coworkers.

Overall Score 90% Awesome!
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