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TomTom Runner Review

TomTom has taken a side step from their usual car GPS line and have applied their advanced technology to a wristwatch that can track a runner’s exercise. More than just a pedometer, the TomTom Runner provides top of the line precision and advanced features that allow you to sync your running data with your computer and the TomTom MySports Connect program and other websites.


  • Thin and light-weight for comfort
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast linking to allow quick syncing on the go
  • Long lasting battery
  • Firmware that can be updated


  • The unit can be removed too easily from the strap when not on your wrist.
  • The MySports website is in beta right now and is without a lot of functionality

TomTom has taken a lot of consideration into the design of the Runner GPS fitness device. The display is large and easy to see while running. The interface is very easy to navigate through using the one large, multipurpose button just below the screen. The numbers and text are large and easily visible while running, making it easy to determine when your run has been completed. The device comes with a back light for good illumination on night runs.

The TomTom Runner records a lot of useful data and information about your runs, such as distance, how many calories you have burned, your stride length, and how fast you were going. There is a really great feature on this watch that allows you to race against yourself through your previous runs which is a really neat feature that makes you push yourself to make your runs more beneficial. The device offers Bluetooth Smart support which allows you to connect it to other devices, such as a heart rate monitor to get even more information out of your daily exercise. This advanced fitness device has special sensors to detect whether you’re outdoors or whether you are indoors on a treadmill.

At around $169, the TomTom Runner GPS Watch really stacks up against its competitors and offers runners everything they need to get the most out of their workouts.

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