The-Philips-SoundShooter-SBT30 Speakers

The Philips SoundShooter SBT30


  • Light
  • Portable
  • Cheap


  • Sound breaks at full volume
  • No multiple Bluetooth connectivity

When buying a portable speaker, the most important thing is to properly set your expectations. The Philips SoundShooter, in comparison to other light portable speakers, is an excellent all-around speaker, especially for the price. It has a unique look, it is lightweight, and is only about the size of a baseball. The SoundShooter is a quality speaker, but you should not expect it to outperform your more expensive, premium home speakers.

Audio Quality

The audio that the SoundShooter produces is impressive for its size. The SoundShooter’s small speaker have crisp, medium and high tones, and the bass is full and powerful, especially for a portable speaker. When used indoors, or when used in a relatively quiet outdoor setting, the speaker is powerful enough to be easily heard. The problem occurs when you try to crank it up. Like many smaller speakers, the SoundShooter begins to distort and buzz when turned up all the way. In a noisy outdoor environment, it will either buzz or be too quiet to be heard.


The SoundShooter has impressive specifications for a cheap speaker. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. It can connect to any non-Bluetooth device through a standard 3.5mm jack. It can act as a backup speaker for your computer by connecting through USB. Also, like most current portable speakers, it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with a respectable 8-hour battery life. The only gripe with the hardware of the SoundShooter is that it does not connect with other speakers, so sound can only play in mono, instead of stereo.

The area where the SoundShooter really shines is the design. The first thing you will notice is that the SoundShooter is the size and shape of a grenade. The whole item is about the size of a baseball, It has a curved, oval body and it comes with a carabiner clip that looks disturbingly similar to the pull-pin on a real grenade. It comes in four different colors: black, red, green and blue. The SoundShooter’s design in unique from any other speaker on the market.

How Much Is It?

The SoundShooter leads the portable speaker market. The SoundShooter is a high quality speaker and will not break the bank ,costing only $49.99. The only well-known offering in portable speakers is the Beats by Dr. Dre “Pill”. While the Pill produces a better and louder sound, it also costs significantly more than the SoundShooter at $199.99. The other options in the portable speaker market are either higher priced, usually in the $149.99-$249.99 range, or they have a weak sound. Some of the more expensive portable speakers are better, but not enough to justify triple or quadruple the price.

Final Thoughts

Even though the SoundShooter in not a premium home speaker, it is a premium portable speaker. It has a small price tag, looks unique and is small and light enough to carry around with you. As long as you don’t expect too much from it, the Philips SoundShooter is a great portable speaker.

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