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Sony Smartband

SRW10 Sony Smartband Specs:

Low List Price
Wearable App
Five-Day Battery Life
Water Resistant
Tracks Fitness Levels
Sleep Alarm
Tracks Motions
Bluetooth Enabled
USB Powered
Available in Many Colors

Sony Smartband Comprehensive Review

Sony has released its SRW10 Smartband to the world. is one of the first resources to find this item for sale in the U.S. online. The cheapest price for the SRW10 edition is found here for tech junkies searching for the best discounts. If you don’t know yet what the smartband does, it’s time to learn about how this little gadget will fit into your busy lifestyle.

What is the Sony Smartband?

Instead of lugging around a tablet or smartphone all day, it is now easier to track your movements using the Smartband. This band fits tightly around any size wrist. Sensors that are inside of the band help to track everything important that you do with your phone or tablet. The SRW10 is the first edition of the band that is for sale inside the U.S.

How Does the Smartband Communicate?

Sony improved the technology used in the SRW10 smartband to introduce new Bluetooth activity. Because the device is worn around your wrist, you’ll be instantly notified when there is activity with your smartphone or tablet. A non-annoying vibration unit supplies the buzz that alerts you if a message is received, social posts are replied to or other settings that you can customize. This wearable app also controls all media player apps that make it easier to rewind, fast-forward and pause music playback.

How to Control the SRW10 Sony Smartband

Sony uses technology deemed life bookmarks to help remember important moments in your life. A simple tap on the polished metal button instantly records the activity you specify. A bookmark is permanent in the system and can be used to control a variety of your smartphone and tablet PC applications. Complete control over sleep timers, walk settings and GPS or camera control is provided with the latest version of the device.

Smartband Color Choices

Color Choices for the Smartband in the U.S.

The initial colors that are available are matte black. The stylish wristband is scheduled to come in new color choices towards the later part of this year. The planned color choices are Cobalt Blue, Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Rose, Green, White, Yellow and Retro Orange. Most retailers are expected to have a full variety of color choices for all SRW10 wristband devices.

Will Smartband Work with Android or IOS?

The Android compatible phones and tablets are the first round of devices that are slated to work best with the Sony wristband line of devices this year. Future development is expected to help make the different models available for use with iPhone and IOS tablets. The guaranteed compatibility with any Android device is one of the selling points of the Sony series of devices launched in the U.S. this year.

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