Are People Really Smoking Vapor Out of Their Clothes Now?

Who knows if smoking vapor is good for you? Adults have the freedom of making their own decisions about using vapor pens for recreational use. With many companies hoping to get a piece of the e-cig profits each year, there are now businesses creating clothing that is easy to conceal the act of vaping. Geekworthy has uncovered vapor cigs built into clothing that make excellent gifts for both men and women.

Top Vape Apparel

1. Hoodies
2. Zip Jacket
3. Sweatshirts
4. Ladies’ Dresses

Vapor Hoodies, Jackets and Sweatshirts

The trend started in Europe in the mid 2000s for vape pens to be integrated into clothing. Most products on the market consist of a 510 threaded hose that is zippered into a hood. Nearly any third-party pen can be added if it has the right threading to allow adults to flash their vaping activities from the world. There are top apparel products in the e-cigarette world taking the web by storm.

The most common type of vape clothing is a men’s or women’s hoodie. These generally hide the hose and vape pens from view unless a person exposes the system. The good thing about the clothing now on sale is that it can be washed regularly. The pens and hose configuration can be separated and removed during the wash cycle.

E-Juice, Oil and Wax Vape Pen Clothing

People who wear vape clothing can add their favorite cartridges. Nearly all manufacturers provide the option of removing the stock system and replacing the vapor pens with consumer owned products. This provides adults with the easiest solution to use their own system instead of the stock units that companies sew into the clothing available.

While there are only a few basic designs for the hose and pen setup, there are many different colors and styles of jackets, sweatshirts and other types of clothing. Only a few retailers are currently supporting vapor wear in the United States although there are plenty of web retailers that now have products for retail sale for all occasions.

Promo Codes and Coupons for Vapor Wear

Because there are only a handful of companies creating clothing styles for vape enthusiasts, there are not a lot of promo codes, discount coupons and other savings available. People who end up buying a hoodie or other apparel product do benefit from a solid made design. A lot of testing has gone into perfecting the design of each product to ensure safety for adults.

Locating vapor pens for sale online is part of the e-cigarette craze although the apparel industry is just catching up. specializes in keeping up with the latest and greatest products that are important to men and women globally.

The retailers surveyed for each review can change without notice although the best web pricing surveyed during each review. Curation of prices and other information is what makes the content on this website so useful to people who buy gifts all year round.

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