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Samsung 55inch Curved OLED TV KN55S9C Review

In the world of technology and entertainment, people always want to know the next big thing and when it’s coming. Well the next big thing is here and it’s name is the Samsung OLED KN55S9C and it’s a television. Now in case you were wondering OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Simply put this television picture quality is bad to the bone and the best in the business, bar none. One thing that separates this television from other televisions is that it has a curve, instead of the typical flat screen. A key element is that it definitely gives it a cool style and look and it will be the talk of the town.

Picture Quality

Now as far as picture quality is concerned, it simply blows away plasma and high definition television. The picture quality is awesome and it captures everything extremely well. The colors are truly brilliant and awesome and the picture quality is far and away the best in television. Now the curve can be a little distorting but it does not take away from the picture.

Now there is some competition out there for the Samsung and it comes from old mainstay LG and LG has their own version of the Samsung and it’s called the 55EM9800. Now when looking at the two television’s there are some similarities. For one the LG does not have a curved screen which is a big a plus for the LG because it does not distort the picture. They both are 55”. Now one major difference in both television’ is cost. The LG cost $15,000 while the Samsung costs $9,000. That is a huge difference, a $6,000 difference. Both television’s need to have awesome quality for the cost that you pay for either one.

Now another major difference comes in the Samsung. You can actually watch two television shows at the same time on the same television through a set of 3D glasses. This is called the multi view feature and it is awesome. A key element with the glasses is that audio is piped in through the glasses because they have built in headphones, which adds to the quality.

Final Thoughts

A television is something that every one takes pride in. When a person buys a television there is certain things that a person is looking for. You want good quality, you want great sound and you want something that stands out. The Samsung delivers because the picture quality is awesome, however some people will have mixed reviews on the curve. The curve was done for style and it does help it stand out. The sound quality is awesome as well. The only knock I can see on the television is the cost, it will not be affordable by most customers. But if you love television’s go to your nearest Best Buy and see if they have the Samsung OLED KN55S9C and play with it, even if you can’t afford it right now. You deserve it.

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