Recon Instruments Jet Review


• It is well balanced, making it comfortable to wear during activity.
• It is extremely durable, making it suitable for high performance outdoor activities.
• It has high quality polarized lens that protects against glare in all types of condition.
• It provides best possible readability in all kinds of lighting.
• Its sensors function perfectly in any situation.


• It has only one lens option.
• The Reckon Jet’s HUD cannot be mounted on other existing sunglasses.
• At present, prescription lenses cannot be mounted on Reckon Jet.
• As of now, Reckon Jet can only be shipped to the US, EU, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Australia and Japan.

For outdoor sport enthusiasts and endurance athletes, a gadget that allows them to get important information they need, instantly and discreetly, is definitely an advantage. This is especially true when it is as high-tech as a tab and at the same time, as wearable as a fashion accessory. This best describes Reckon Jet, which is a powerful microcomputer with colored full screen display incorporated into a polarized sports eye-wear. It has a built in HD video camera, GPS, microphone and speakers. Its Pilot Edition has software that lets athletes see their performance levels.

About Reckon Jet

Reckon Jet is the wearable tech that is comparable to Google Glass. While the latter is voice activated, the Reckon Jet gives a visual colored display of relevant data. It is built to wear comfortably, with its weight of 60 grams, evenly distributed between glasses and gadgets. So, it is well-balanced and not likely to fall off.

Reckon Jet features a built-in camera together to capture images in HD with a microphone to record narration. It also includes a GPS to keep track of activities plus Bluetooth and WiFi to connect to mobile gadgets. This way, users can instantly see SMS alerts and caller IDs. By means of an external ANT+ system, athletes can be able to monitor their performance levels in terms of speed, distance, duration, heart rate, cadence and power.

Its colorful microdisplay is clearer and brighter than that of Google Glass. It is positioned perfectly at the lower right of the sunglasses. So, it does not interfere with a user’s field of vision. Moreover, the display is turned off by the system when it is not looked at.

Launch Date

Reckon Jet was launched on June 26, 2013 by Reckon Industries, the company that introduced the first sports’ Heads-Up-Display or HUD in the world. A limited quantity of these HUDs that are mounted on high performance sunglasses can be ordered beforehand. Shipping is scheduled on February 2014.


With Reckon Jet’s remarkable features such as colored microdisplay, built-in GPS, HD video camera, software to provide an athlete’s performance levels and several others, it is an all-in-one gadget that any sports enthusiast would want to take along. Though it may be quite expensive to many, it is only a fraction of the tag price of archival Google Glass. Considering what it has to offer, you get more value than what you pay for with a Reckon Jet.

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