PowerA Moga Power Controller Review


• Easy to carry and use
• Responsive controls
• Ability to charge phone during play
• Makes it convenient to play games that are difficult to control on a touchscreen


• Not compatible with all games

Have you ever experienced the frustration of power drain while you were at the heart of an enjoyable game? If so, then you will certainly appreciate PowerA Moga Power Controller’s ability to let you charge your smart phone as you play. PowerA uses Moga Boost technology that allows you to connect your smart phone to the controller for charging.


The company took its hardware design seriously. Although the Moga looks like the new Xbox controller, it is slightly narrower, and its weight nicely counterbalances the weight of an attached smart phone, making it comfortable to carry. The distance between the joy sticks is the same as the larger Xbox controller’s.

When you flip the center of the controller, you will find an arm you can use to hold your Android smart phone. The adjustable arm can hold devices of different sizes up to 3.2 inches wide, effectively turning into a portable gaming device. Fixing a phone is as simple as holding the controller’s base with one hand and sliding the phone in with the other hand.

The Moga is made of durable plastic that is easy to grip, thanks to the grooves on the rubberized underside.


Fitting a smart phone onto the controller allows you to enjoy your games console-style. You won’t have to mess the touchscreen or tilt your phone for the player to move. The adjustable arm grips your phone tightly enough to avoid slippage. The joy sticks slide easily, and the buttons respond well, bouncing back to position as soon as you release them.

In addition to using a smart phone, you can use the Moga Power Controller with your Android tablet via Bluetooth. The controller is compatible with any device running Android 2.3 and above.

The device uses two AAA batteries that are supposed to take up to 18 hours of gameplay. Although having rechargeable batteries is great, the use of AAA batteries is understandable considering the relatively low price of the controller. However, the Pro version is expected to use a different type of battery.

The Moga Boost technology is especially handy when you are using Bluetooth, which drains power faster. You can use a USB cable to connect your phone to the controller.

Pivot Software

Android games are typically designed for touch controls, meaning they are not compatible with physical controllers. However, PowerA has solved the problem by providing the Pivot software that allows publishers to make the controls compatible with the Moga.

The present PowerA Moga Power Controller retails at around $50, but you should expect to pay more for the Pro version, which comes with extra features. It may be available between October and November.

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