Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750


  • Full-size keyboard
  • 1/3 inch thick
  • Solar-powered replaceable battery
  • Logitech PerfectStroke key system and InCurve concave key cap design
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Unifying Receiver allows connection of up to six Logitech wireless devices.
  • On/Off switch
  • Programmable Function keys

Wireless keyboards eliminate cables, but they occupy a USB port and require batteries. If trading a cable for a battery doesn’t seem like a very good deal, Logitech has the solution: The K750 solar-powered keyboard. Despite the name, the sun itself isn’t required to charge the keyboard. Any room lighting will charge it, and keep it charged for months. Assuming the keyboard is used in a lighted room daily, it should never run out of power. If you use other Logitech wireless devices, they can share the wireless receiver with the keyboard so multiple devices can be run from one USB port.

The K750 is a thin, full-size keyboard that uses Logitech’s PerfectStroke Key System, which distributes the force evenly across the keys when you type, making the keyboard comfortable to use and quiet. The Function keys have additional functions that can be activated by holding down the FN key (between Alt and Ctrl) while pressing the individual F-keys. There are keys for launching email, web browser and search, as well as media and volume controls (including mute.) With free downloadable software from Logitech you can change the functions of the F-keys to your liking.

The solar panels are located on the top of the keyboard, making it easy for room light to charge it continuously. There is an on/off switch to save power. Included software lets you check the battery power. A simple indicator on the keyboard itself shows you how much light power is being drawn.

The K750 does not have an integrated palm rest, which could be a problem for people who type for long periods of time. The PerfectStroke system and concave keys make for a quiet and comfortable typing experience. Logitech was aiming for the comfort of laptop typing with the efficiency of a full-size keyboard, and according to most customer reviews, they’ve achieved this. The downside is aesthetic: The glossy black keyboard is stylish, but it attracts fingerprints and dust easily.

Overall, the K750 does what Logitech says it does: Stays charged on light power and delivers a comfortable and quiet typing experience. Though it lacks a full ergonomic design and is too glossy to stay attractive for very long, the design and power make it well worth the cost.

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