Cheap Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves to Play Guitar

Best Features of Pick Punch Kits

1. Easy to Use
2. Sells for Less Than $25
3. Cuts Multiple Shapes
4. Use with Most Types of Plastic
5. Lifesaver for Stringed Instrument Players

Finding a gift on the cheap for a guitar player is not always easy. Music instrument related gifts almost always come with a steep Christmas price tag. Thankfully, there are some companies keeping it cost-effective to locate gifts meant strictly for musicians. Read below about the cheap gift ideas for someone who loves to play the guitar here at Geekworthy.

This read is probably the best review of do-it-yourself guitar pick creation tools on the Internet.


Every Guitarist Has His or Her Pick

Names like Fender, Dunlop, Gibson, Ernie Ball, D’Addario and Peavey have dominated the Delrin and Nylon pick markets for decades. While picks are normally sold in divisions of a gross, it is far too easy to lose picks due to the small sizes.

The best gift for this Christmas season is likely the Pick Punch from Pick Punch LLC. For an affordable price, six-string guitar players, seven-string guitarists, 5-string bass or 4-string bass players can cut out their own picks in a matter of seconds.

Pick Punch: Is it Worth the Investment?

A bit larger than a stapler, the Pick Punch product looks on the outside to be just a simple cutter. That is, however, where the magic trick happens. A cool design with an elongated handle makes cutting most types of plastic a breeze. While players of all types of guitars have tried to cut picks with knives or scissors, the Pick Punch cuts out the right size of pick each and every time.

Some people who purchased the version 1.0 design of the punch system reported that the metal rods can become lose and break after repeated use. The hinge could weaken and leave the product useless. The design of the punching kits for picks was changed in recent years to address any defects in the craftsmanship.

Top Cons of Using Pick Punches

1. Cuts are sharp and must be sanded
2. Not for use with thick plastics
3. High initial cost
4. Plastics are expensive
5. Hard to customize print on picks

The good news for people who buy the new version of the original guitar pick punch is that most of the cons have been addressed by the manufacturer. Plastics can be purchased cheaper, stamping kits are supplied to customize the print on each pick and sanding is now optional on the new version of the cutting tool.

Multiple Shapes Can Be Cut Easily

The standard in the music industry is known as the “351” pick. This is a 30mm size creation that most of the big name companies have sold since the 1940s. One of the cool things about the Pick Punch device is that it is sold in different variations. This provides any guitar player with the option of having more than one set of picks to grab.

Types of shapes available:

1. 351 Standard (30mm)
2. 346 (32mm)
3. 355 (39mm)
4. Baby 346 (25mm)
5. Jazz (30mm)
6. Teardrop (25mm)

These shapes are new for the 2015 and 2016 season. Because not every person will use the standard pick shape, there are now 5 other options that can be explored when cutting your own guitar picks.

Best Price for Pick Punch Kits Online

Plenty of retailers that have agreed to retail the DIY guitar pick creation products were sampled at the time of this review. There were only a handful that were planning to discount the MSRP for Christmas and holiday shoppers. The best price was found here.

The price point is important although each kit is sold as a standard or all-in-one kit that includes sheets of plastic and other necessities. If you or someone you love is a budding or pro guitar master, grabbing a discounted kit sold for better prices than eBay is a smart move this year.

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