Amazon Fire TV Stick 2014 Price Guide

Amazon TV Fire Stick Specs:

Steal of a Price
One-Year of Service & Warranty
Dolby Surround Sound
8 Gigabyte Storage
1 Gigabyte Memory
200,000 Prime Shows
Dual-Core Processor
Voice Search Through Remote App
Wi-Fi Dual Band
HDMI Extender
H.264 Video Encoder
1080p and 720p

Saving cash is on the minds of many shoppers this year. The 2014 deals can be few and far between although Amazon is coming through in a strong way this year. The Amazon Fire TV stick was found for a super low holiday price this year.

Shoppers who are concerned with price regardless of the types of technology will have to work a little bit this year to rake in the savings. There is more competition in the market this year in the technology sector.

$40 Retail Price Versus $24 in 2014

There are some retailers that plan to discount the Fire Stick to a price of $24 dollars. Some of the best discounts are still found through this direct resource when it comes to Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas 2014 holiday deals. Paying less and still getting a great value is important to consumers.

Coupons and other one-time promo codes are expected to be included before the end of the year on this website. Updates are now being uploaded on a regular basis to help shoppers searching for deals for the 2014 holiday shopping season.

Comparison to Fire TV by Amazon

Processing power is by and large awesome in the set top Fire TV box. The Quad-core processor is something that is missing from the Fire Stick although many of the features included in the box version are in the slimmed down units.

A 2GB total memory is one of the best values on the market and ease of access to shows and content is still easy on the TV or stick versions of the Fire series by Amazon.


1 GB of Memory

The streaming Fire Stick is no slouch when it comes to on-board memory. The HDMI port plugs right into most modern devices. A total of 1 gigabyte of memory is supported on the initial stick with access to more than 200,000 shows. Hulu, Prime, Netflix and sports programs are all accessible after plugging in the stick.

Instant Streaming

No one wants to wait for videos to play even with a high-speed connection. A plus besides the price of the Fire TV Stick is the speed of loading popular shows. An instant streaming processing upgrade is now featured that makes watching programming 32 times faster than competing streaming devices. The Roku and Chromecast still do not offer this feature.


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