Digital Electric Guitar, gTar Reviews

The gTar is a revolutionary iphone docking musical educational instrument that is sure to be a hit amongst musicians and technology fans worldwide. This instrument was created by Idan Beck of Incident technologies and is sure to be a hit. The gTar is a digital electric guitar instrument with docking capability for iphones and smartphones that will teach people how to play the guitar.

The gTar was rumored to be released in the summer. There have been some that were sold to a select few during the initial startup phase. This gem of an educational guitars price range is between $350.00-450.00. The price for this product is high but given the vast amount of technology and realism it does seem worth it. This also includes the free app that is necessary to play the gTar.

Unlike other music technological toys or instruments the gTar is made just like an actual electric guitar with identical look and feel. The materials are sturdy and the instrument appears to be able to withstand the countless playtime that it will get. Compared to the usual plastic guitars out there this one is made of wood giving it the realism of an actual electric guitar as well as durability. The strings have tiny sensors behind them on the actual gTar to aide in the instructional modality. The ease of instruction makes it very much like having an actual guitar instructor sitting with you as you learn to play the electric guitar.

It does come with a bag to carry it in as well. The gtar itself comes with a charger as well as a docking station to implant the iphone. The gTar will last for up to 8 hours roughly if fully charged. The guitar strings can be replaced if damaged.

Much like other similar instruments the gTar will have the capability to be used online as well as on social media sites allowing battling gTar fans to compete and practice their musical sessions. There are various levels of difficulty much like other similar technological instruments.

After reading many reviews posted by people and musicians all over the world the biggest hurdle that the gTar will face is the high price tag. Most people do not see themselves paying anything over $100.00 for a digital electric guitar. If Incident Technologies could somehow find a way to lower the price the outcome could be better. If interested in a gTar you should contact Kickstarter which is the company that has financially backed the launching of this product.