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Chromecast Overview

One hot releases this year comes from Google in form of the Chromecast. The Chromecast streams media from sites such as Netflix and YouTube. A price-point of $35 and a 3-month subscription to Netflix for people seeking a cheaper alternative to an Apple TV or a Roku.

Inside the Chromcast box, you’ll receive the device itself that plugs in direct to the HDMI port of a television. Also containing a USB cable that plugs to the television, transferring power. Or plugging the USB into the wall adapter that also arrives with box.

How It Works

To use Chromecast, it plugs into the TV, and download the Chromecast app to your smartphone. It ‘s available to Android through Google Play, and iOS through the App Store. During installation, it will ask for the Wi-Fi password. Leading to the renaming of the Chromecast.. When the process is complete you’ll be ready to watch some movies. Talk about easy!

With Chromecast, even though a device is used for the remote, it’s not streaming from the phone. Streaming from itself, it enables the use of the phone without interfering with the stream. However, every media content needs to be controlled from their respective app. Such as requiring Chrome, Youtube, or Netflix apps, to control the video.

Common Issues

Although it seems grand for a product at this price level, there’re a number flaws with it. Such as when the Chromecast gets unplugged from the HDMI port while still connected to the power. It freezes the screen and the only returning to normal when switching the video output and then putting back on Chromecast. Which occurs in both Android and iOS.

Another flaw comes in the form of the resolution of the streaming video. It plays video at 720p, but for some TVs it would start out blurry then slowly clear up. Also, when receiving video from the Chrome browser, it tends to lag as well. However, this only seems to be a problem for some televisions.

Final Thoughts

No more looking at the computer screen! The ability to sit on the couch and watch TV conformability is the great benefit that Chromecast can supply. Spending $35 for this gadget is something that you won’t regret. At this price you’ll gain the ability to watch Netflix or Youtube on TV. With more positives than negative, the Chromecast is a great invention that will be used every day.