Cheap But Unique Gifts for Someone Who Loves Grilling

Grilling is loved by people year round. During the holidays, cooking food with ones that you love is a special time. Locating gifts for men or women who enjoy cooking is sometimes a tough job. Luckily, there are amazing products that are available to purchase that do not cost a lot of money. The following list of cheap but unique and super cool gifts for someone who loves grilling has been compiled here at Geekworthy.

Salt Block Grilling Advantages

1. Adds Flavor
2. Inexpensive to Buy
3. Turns Home Cooks Into Pros
4. Good for Meat and Vegetables
5. Easy to Clean
6. Can Be Used for Medicinal Purposes

Salt Blocks: Easy Way to Add Flavor to Foods

It used to be that only the most famous chefs in the world had access to the best spices and salts to bring extra flavoring to foods. A company called HemingWeigh is changing the way that home cooks can serve main courses and appetizers. Natural salt block cooking has been a trend in some cultures for centuries. Due to technological advancements, adding great salted flavors to food is now simpler.

The Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile can be ordered for a discount through some web retailers. As a safe way to add a little extra salt to foods, the salted block can be used to serve fish, meats or other dishes easily. The block can be refrigerated and then displayed on any flat surface.

Salt Block Cooking Recipes Guide

Middle Eastern country cooks are experts at cooking with mineral salts. Americans are now just starting to reap the benefits of adding a touch of salt flavor to their foods. There are more than 70 recipes found in this book. Anyone can learn how to grill, chill, sear and serve foods using Himalayan salt blocks.

People who follow a low sodium diet can still benefit from salt block recipes. Because there is no huge absorption of mineral salt using the blocks, people who need to follow strict dietary standards can experience the benefits of salt block cooking. The recipe includes the top recipes that work well with all types of food, wine and other accessories.

Presentation Accessories for Block Cooking

While it is perfectly natural to use wood or another material to serve food on a salt block, a company called Charcoal Companion has designed one of the best plate holders in the culinary industry. Since salts can become brittle when heated, the porcelain and steel coated plate offers a simple way to serve without making a mess. The Himilayan salt blocks fit perfectly on the coated plates. The plate measures 12.2 x 8.3 x 05.

Mineral salts do lose their structural value over time due to high heat cooking. The presentation plates are how top restaurants serve up foods to patrons across the globe. The low price of the salt plate holders make these an inexpensive accessory for any budding culinary person.

Non-Food Salt Blocks Usage for Adults

People who do not end up using their block to cook with can find other uses. One of the ways that people use salt is for a detox. According to Chinese medical experts, harmful chemicals are dispersed through the feet. By using a Himalayan salt block as a detoxification system, any impurities can be removed from the body easily. This natural way of getting rid of dead skin and expelled chemicals from the body is simple to do at home.

Pregnant women, adults or teens with Diabetes and other ailments could benefit from using blocks of salt as a valid form of detox. There are many uses for salts in the body and a person does not always ingest the minerals orally. Regardless of how a person will use such a gift, paying the least amount of money possible is what gift buyers intend to do each season.

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