Best Tennis Trackers for 2015 Reviewed

2015 Top Tennis Trackers Review:

1. Babolat Pure Drive Play
2. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor
3. Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer 2.0

There are now trackers in 2015 for tennis players to help improve every aspect of playing professionally or for fun. While there are several models on the market, choosing between them can be quite a task. It takes a pure geek to be able to learn why each unit is better than the other. This list of the best tennis trackers for 2015 is now available for review online.

Most Expensive to Least Expensive Tracker


1. Babolat Pure Drive Play

There is more to a swing than the tightness of the lacing. What a good coach can tell you can also be told by the Pure Play Drive from Babolat. While the price is a little more expensive compared to similar models. The features that are provided can help turn a person’s game into a perfect game much faster.

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Longer Play Time at 6 Hours
Maximum Memory of 150 Hours
Two Control Buttons
USB Connection
Pure Graphite Construction
PC, Mac, iOS and Android Compatible
Stiff Frame
CDS Sensor Technology

Software Specs:

Impact Locator
Power Indicator
Speed Rate
Total Playtime
Energy Spent
Overhead Smash
Rally Tally
Tag Session

The reason that so many people appreciate the Babolat name is the quality of the construction. There are sub-par models that some companies have recently entered into the marketplace. While these are cost effective, most are known to break easily or have many software issues. A seasoned player as well as a beginner will appreciate the look, feel and scoring system in the Babolat tennis tracker.

The best value of this system is that the racket comes with the sensor installed. This is a major plus over most beginner to intermediate systems.

2. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Someone who does not wish to spend the extra $50 to $100 on average to own the more expensive Babolat racket will appreciate the lower priced Sony Smart Sensor system. The option of adding just the sensor to a tennis racket is appealing to some people. It takes about an hour to charge the module although only about 1.5 hours are provided for total playing time per charge if Bluetooth 2.1 is being used.

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Stores as Much as 12,000 Shots
Apple Smartwatch Compatible
Waterproof Design
Entirely Dust-Proof
Approved by International Tennis Federation
Power Indicator
USB Port

Software Specs:

Ball Speed
Swing Speed
Ball Impact
Live Mode with Video
Bluetooth Compatible
Non-Smartphone Mode
Improvement Chart
iOS and Android Compatible

The major con of this system is that a person must already own a racket. The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor only works with Head, Yonex, Wilson and Price rackets at this time. A person who has a different racket type might need to buy an attachment.

If a person is just starting out or has no access to smartphone, the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor price might be just right. A person seeking a comparison of the Sony system versus Babolat might find some inaccuracies online.

3. Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer 2.0

As an entry-level system, Zepp has introduced a new update to its classic Tennis Swing Analyzer module. The updated version is less expensive versus Babalot or Sony brands. Just like other systems, a module can be inserted into your favorite tennis racket. There is no need to have a particular model. This is one of the pluses of the Zepp system.

A neat feature of how hard a ball is being hit with each swing has been incorporate into the latest update. The traditional stats as well as 3D modes are also part of the new software update.

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App Tennis Sensor Ready
Full Motion Sensor
Android and iOS Compatible
Play Tracking Mode
Flash Memory
Fits All Tennis Rackets
Replay Mode
Pro Mount or Flex Mount Available
3-Axis Gyroscope
Two Accelerometers

Software Specs:

Power Indicator
Automatic Analysis
3D Serve Modes
Speed of Racket
Intensity Setting
Time of Backswing
Spin Count
Time of Impact
Sweet Spot Metrics

Major con of this racket sensor is the small flash memory size. The current 2.0 software update allows only 2,000 swings to be entered into memory. The plus side of this is that the Lithium Ion battery charges in two hours or less.

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If a person you are shopping for is not a tennis pro, some of the companies that make tracking systems offer these for other sports. Baseball, fitness and other sports are covered with the latest tracking systems. These can be purchased from the resources that are provided here at Geekworthy.

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