Best Headphones to Use with Oculus Rift

The latest in VR or virtual reality technology is the Oculus Rift. While the factory headphones provide spatial sound, many people will prefer to use a separate L/R set for playback. The digital sound processing units that are built into most gaming systems do separate sound waves, but these devices can fall short during the listening phase. This list of the best headphones to use with Oculus Rift is a Geekworthy exclusive.

Gaming Headphones Pros

1. Designed for comfort
2. Wired for surround sound
3. Deep bass and clean treble

Gaming Headphones Cons

1. Hard to find for under $100
2. Requires virtual surround sound
3. Note compatible with all sound cards

3D Sound Verses Normal Stereo Headphones

7.1 and 5.1 audio is the main feature in most home theater systems in the U.S. While audiophiles might have the cash to invest in such a system, the average gamer is best suited to have a normal set of stereo speakers. Since visual is the key component to the Oculus Rift, standard left and right audio is being backed into most games that will be made available.

There are companies like Neoh and others currently constructing listening devices that are plug-and-play with the OR system. USB is a common connection with 3D systems although these require the correct driver to function properly. A regular set of headphones that were built entirely for music playback typically offer more reliable performance without the need to buy extra gear.

Alternatives to Standard Oculus Rift Cans

For a person who is considering a replacement for the standard Oculus clip on headphones, choosing the right model is essential. Beats Headphones are available in HD models that provide a better listening experience compared with less expensive stereo models. The over-the-ear design brings the sound closer to the ears of a listener.

Bose has manufactured noise canceling headphones to block out unwanted noises during audio playback. The QuietComfort technology is in place to reduce interference and other noises that can creep into the left or right ear cups. Depending on the model selected, a closed back or open back design is available.

Audio Technica ATH series is the premier audio headphones that are available with a USB or Bluetooth connection. This series is the professional version of the consumer models sold in North America. The high-fidelity sound mixed with a solid construction provides the comfort as well as the ease of music playback that users of the Oculus Rift VR system will appreciate.

Best Virtual Reality VR Gaming Accessories

Apart from the Rift, XBox and PS4 are competing for the same consumer gaming market. One good thing for consumers is that there are plenty of aftermarket suppliers that are building VR gaming accessories for sale. YouTube is one excellent resource to find out about the latest products up for release as well as negatives of each product that are not posted in this review.

Buying a cheap Oculus Rift Developers Kit DK2 or similar can help a person to test which devices and third-party accessories work the best. will continue reporting on the top gaming products available on the retail market to supply adults with a definitive source of information.

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