Looking for the Best Cooler in the World?

Who makes good coolers for keeping food or drinks cold? Asking that question is how average people find the latest products that manufacturers have for sale. The real truth is that there are great refrigeration products on the market although it is hard to judge one as being the top product. In the opinion of Geekworthy staff, someone looking for the best cooler in the world will find the top picks using this website.

8 Things Great Coolers Have

1. Good Camping Cooler Reviews
2. Easy Portability
3. Fair Purchase Price
4. Variance in Quart Sizes
5. Tight Lid Gasket
6. Drain Valve
7. Quality Latches
8. 5-Year Warranty Plan

Absolute Best Cooler for the Money

It is common for someone to type something in a search engine like “best cooler under $100” and expect to find an amazing ice chest. The reality is that basing a purchase only on price is a mistake. Names like Igloo, Coleman, Koolatron, Esky, Yeti, Bison and others are retailed in North America. While there are good products, only one cooler stands out among the pack.

Someone who does not need to buy a thermoelectric model will find that it is inexpensive to purchase a quality ice cooler online for the money. Selecting one for hunting, tailgating, fishing or other recreational use is easy once a person has been informed of what to expect in a product.

H20 and Dry Ice Compatible Coolers

Dry ice is much colder than regular frozen water. People who have access to buying dry ice already know of the advantages of using the -109 degree blocks. The Tundra model from Yeti is one of the only units in the world that is both H2O and dry ice compatible.

Both blocks and cubes of ice can be used with Yeti coolers compared to other brands. Because of the solid construction, air is kept out of the inside and the internal temperature can remain low. Using dual types of ice to cool down a rugged cooler is the best method of keeping foods from spoiling.

Longest Warranties for Ice Chests

It is standard in the consumer products industry to place a warranty of just a few months to one year to help cover damages or defects. The best manufacturers have lengths of coverage that exceed 36 to 60 months. Yeti coolers have a good warranty and the basic length is 5 years from the data of purchase. The reason that a person would want a longer warranty is because accidents are hard to plan for in advance of them happening.

While some companies manufacture ice chests in foreign countries, the quality control is what will set a basic chest apart from a top product. Latches can break, drains can leak and gaskets can wear out. Paying a little extra for a good tailgating or camping cooler will ensure that the best term of warranty coverage is provided. Few coolers are created equal, and there is only one definitive winner in the best ice chest in the world contest.

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