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3M Mini Projector Review


  • Battery life when in display mode of over 3 hours.
  • Global power adaptor for use in US, UK, EU, and Australia.
  • HDMI input and cable for High Def. projection
  • Mini remote control unit
  • Plug and Play
  • 60 Lumens of brightness
  • Speaker built in/ audio out for external speakers

For anyone who is in need of a display projection unit, size can be a concern, especially for those on the go. People in sales, marketing, education, and training are not necessarily tied to one location, and can benefit from the portability of the 3m Mini Mobile projector. For these users and anyone else who needs a small and compact projector, the 3m Mini Mobile projector can be a great solution for their needs, with some limitiations.
This unit has these advantages:

The projector is small and light and packs easily into almost any computer case or bag. It is quickly set up and ready to go. Plug into a laptop and it will immediately display the mirrored desktop image. The color display is bright and accurate in most rooms, however the 60 Lumens are not quite enough to overcome brightly lit spaces, and the image will be less than desirable in this instance. In a darkened room, there is no problem with the display.

The sound quality through the internal speaker is adequate for a small space, but larger rooms will benefit from an external amplified signal to deliver the most captivating sound to the audience.

On first use this projector requires the user to hold down the “on button” for up to 10 seconds. This might come as a surprise to the user, as it is not obvious. The documentation accompanying the unit is somewhat lacking. The display quality is in 720p mode, which though suitable to most presentations, will lack some of the quality of full HD for movies and more detailed presentations. This is not a hindrance for most users, but those desiring full HD will need to consider another brand offering, or move to a full size unit like the BenQ W1070.

The 3m Mobile Mini projector is best used with an optional small tripod to stabilize it and give adequate clearance for projection. This is suggested but not required. All in all this is a practical solution to mobile projection at an affordable price and well worth a look.

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